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Spectre and Meltdown


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Spectre and Meltdown are the recently disclosed, critical processor flaws affecting the security of data at the very basic level of computing system. All the major operating systems and the cloud service providers are sliding in the very required updates to patch againts these flaws. 

Being an Enpass user, rest assured from the data point of view. If someone is able to steal your data residing on your cloud or your device it is meaningless and pure gibberish for him without your master password. The safety of your master password is the safety of your data.

It is the operating system which works in conjuction with the processor and memory to protects all the apps and processes running inside it from any kind of unauthorized access by another process. So if any malware can exploit these flaws to access data of another process or memory space, there is very less for the genuine software to protect itself. The same way, it's not wrong to say that here is nothing from our side to provide in terms of fix(s). 

As a user of any software, and to protect your confidential data inside it, you have to be very careful to guard your system from entry of malware inside it. First thing here is to install all the necessary updates from your OS provider and make sure you install them from their trusted channels only. In the same way install the software from the default store or the provider's website only. Don't get panic and land yourselves into installtion of any malware/scareware from unauthorized sources, faking you to protect your system from any unanticipated vulnerabilities.

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As far as I know, Enpass is secure while your vault is locked (i.e. asking for the master password). Therefore you shouldn't set the lock timeout of Enpass to a high value (or completely disable it) or at least manually lock it if Enpass is not currently in use. In my case I've set the auto lock to 1 minute of Enpass inactivity.

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