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Enpass no longer starts after update to 6.6.0 (775)


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I updated my Win32 Enpass version to version 6.6.0 (775)  today. The update went through without any problems, but Enpass does not start anymore.

I uninstalled Enpass, deleted all Regedit entries, reinstalled Enpass - the error remains. Enpass is not even listed in the task manager.

What am I doing wrong?
Do you have a solution for me?

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Hey @gnrmarcel & @qwertyops

Apologies for the trouble.

Please confirm if you have updated your system recently after which you are facing this problem? Also, please make sure your device is up to date and try to launch app using Run as Administrator and share your findings with us. If this doesn't help, let us know which OS version you are using currently.



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My issue may or may not be related, but after the 6.6.0 (750) update I cannot see my data unless I manually go into edit-mode of each entry.

Also I cannot create new entries in Windows anymore as nothing shows up after I choose "New Entry" from the create new entry workflow.

Tried uninstalling and installing the Windows Appstore version and the same issue persists after dropbox sync of database.

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