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Roboform Import Problem and Enpass auto filling issue


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I have been using roboform since last 12 years and i have over 2k+ passwords. I successfully imported my passwords from roboform to Enpass but when i imported my roboform notes to Enpass i got a problem. All notes were imported successfully but enpass did not import all data of notes. Many of them had titles only but no data in notes. I tried exporting and importing CSV also but issue remained. Now i have doubts about logins also and i will have to manually go through all logins to make sure it has imported all if my logins. Second issue i had was. I have websites which have multiple fields more then just Login or password. some have 3 fields some have 4 fields and i never had any issue filling them with roboform but with Enpass even that field is available in Enpass in custom fields Enpass did not filled those fields and i had to manually copy paste that field from Enpass.

Is there anyone who can help me importing my exported notes from Roboform to Enpass? I have Enpass lifetime premium but now if these issues do not get resolved i will have to move back to roboform sadly.

Just found another issue after posting here i tried to manually copy paste my notes into enpass while i was working on that i tried to paste a note from roboform to enpass which has over 500 lines of bitcoin paper wallets but when i pasted it into enpass it stored 100 lines of those and rest of 400 lines were not copied. I have premium subscription and i am using my own onedrive then why there is limit on this? is there any setting we can remove this limit?

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Hi @Fadi,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

Please share the following details so that we can investigate where the problem could be.

  • Version of Roboform and it's default language?
  • Version of Enpass you are using?
  • The device and OS on which you are trying to import?
  • Can you please share the website where you are having the problem so that we can check at our end?

Thanks for your co-operation.

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