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Dealing with conflicts when using sync via folder


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I use Enpass store version on my Windows 10 laptop & the Enpass app on Android. In order to sync database between both my devices, since I don't trust the cloud I opted to use folder sync method along with Syncthing. In Syncthing, I can choose a specific folder on my android phone & windows laptop and Syncthing will keep the contents of the folder in sync using local WiFi i.e. the router. So, in order for the sync to work, both my laptop & my phone must be connected to the router at the same time. It's just like how the Google Drive desktop app can keep 2 folders in different computers in sync, but this occurs through local WiFi & not the global internet.

Now coming to my problem, there frequently comes a scenario where if I make a change on Enpass in Windows 10 which is offline and then I make another change on Enpass in Android which is also offline, then when I connect both devices to the internet, a collision occurs & 2 files are generated on both my devices. But it seems Enpass reads only 1 of them to sync, which is the file named vault.enpassdbsync. Is there a way I can setup Enpass such that in such scenarios, it would scan both databases on a line level & identify changes in both? This doesn't seem to be happening when using folder sync method.




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On 3/12/2021 at 6:18 PM, Garima Singh said:

Hey @downloaderfan

Thanks for writing to us.

Sorry to say that it is not possible to scan multiple databases. Your problem can be solved using the WiFi sync feature, which will be available in the very near future.

Thanks for the reply, Garima.

I looked up what WiFi Sync was in Enpass and found threads some of which date back 5 years ago requesting for WiFi sync and it hasn't been implemented yet. So due to this I'm not hoping that this feature, which will solve my problem, will be released in the near future. PFB references.






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Hi @downloaderfan,

Today, we're thrilled to release Enpass Beta v6.7 with one of the most awaited features- Wi-Fi Sync. This feature lets you sync data across devices using the local network or Wi-Fi, without using any third-party cloud service. For more information, please check out the Wi-Fi Sync webpage.

For more details refer to this Forum post:

Thank you.

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