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Another error to export csv...


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I have Enpass 6.6.0 (772) + Mac OS big sur 11.2.3 M1

I have an un unlocked FIPS 140-2 level 3 USB stick that is FAT 32 formatted attached as /Volumes/SECURE_KEY1

## Tested scenario in numbered order ##
# 1
I exported json to a USB stick -> OK

# 2
I exported txt to a USB stick -> OK

# 3
I exported csv to a USB stick -> FAILED

# 4
a) I exported csv to my desktop folder -> OK
b) ( I manually moved the exported file from desktop folder to USB stick )

Only csv exports to USB fail. Of course the work around is easy.
I have also tried with a fixed added disk (i.e not removable media), but the very same problem occurs.


## Conlusion ##
Bug in Enpass csv export funktion


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