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I think it might be a better signal to the devs to simply follow this thread
(don't forget to turn off notifications since it might take a while to get recognized or anything)


I already chose Bitwarden anyway by now.

The only reason I can imagine to switch to enpass would be if they had servers in the EU. But since Bitwarden has zero-knowledge servers even this argument ceases. And best of all - it has 2FA support for Yubikeys :)

I hope promoting Bitwarden doesn't backlash... :/

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Am 20.11.2023 um 22:34 Uhr sagte SecurepointIsAwesome:

Glauben Sie, dass 2024 ein realistisches Veröffentlichungsdatum für den Sicherheitsschlüssel ist (z.B. YubiKey oder Nitrokey) Unterstützung?

i have the feeling that this function will never reach enpass. the hotline tells fairy tales, errors are not processed. in my opinion, enpass is DEAD!

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