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Touch ID no longer enabled after update to v6.6.2


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After updating to v6.6.2 from the Mac App Store, touch id is no longer working for unlocking enpass and the option is greyed out with the message "touch id isn't enabled on this device". This is on a 2017 Macbook Pro running MacOS 10.14.6. Anyway to resolve this or Is it possible revert back to 6.6.1 in the interim?

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Same for me.

Running MacOS 10.14.6 and Enpass 6.6.2 on a MacBook Pro 15 (2016). TouchID feature in Tools/Preferences/Security is checked but grayed out and a message (in Frenhc) like  "TouchID is not activated on this device".

Clicking on "More..." does not help at all : you should display a temporary messagebox about this bug as you are aware of this. I searched for days before finding this thread.

Added a new fingerprint to see if the issue was more on MacOS side but did not helped.

Need to use NIP feature (in Tools/Preferences/Security) in the meantime.

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