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Where is my vault on backup disk?


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I did a scratch load of Big Bur on my MBP then used the Migration assistant to copy all accounts, settings, data from my external disk. However, after starting Enpass I found that my local vault is empty and Enpass wanted me to start the setup process by creating a master password.

On my local drive I see Enpass in my documents folder. The icon has a small circle in it. there is are sub-folder Backup and Vaults, but both are empty.

Is the vault kept somewhere else? And how do I get it back?

I have 2 complete CCC backups on 2 external disks, thus, the vault was saved before I did the scratch load of the OS.

Can anybody point me into the right direction?


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Hello @Gerd!

Can you please answer a few questions:

1. Did you reinstalled Enpass after restoring your Machine? 
2. Have you synced your Enpass data to any cloud previously?
3. Can you see data at these locations in backup disk?

If you have previously installed Enpass from store:

Home -> Library -> Containers -> in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop -> Data -> Documents -> Vaults

If you have previously installed Enpass from website i.e. installer:

Home -> Documents -> Enpass. 


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I had downloaded Enpass from the Apple Mac Store.

I checked the folder you mentioned above on my 2 external disks, but the 2 folders, Backup and Vaults, are also empty. I assume those were copied back to the internal SSD by the Migration tool.

What are the file names of the vault? I could do a search of the entire disk if I find the vault.

I don't use iCloud and I don't do backups from within Enpass, as I do several complete system backups using CCC to 2 external disks. So the vault should be somewhere on the external disk.

A while back I tried the copy to iCloud, thus, I have an older version there, but I would not want to restore it if I can copy it back from my backup disks.

Any other ideas where I could look?

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I finally found the vaults with yesterdays date in

Users -> myuserid -> Library -> Containers -> Enpass -> Data -> Documents -> Vaults -> primary

I copied it back to my internal SSD. I could open the vault and see all my recent changes.

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