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Checking compromised PWs doesn't work on primary vault


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I encounter this problem: When I want to check the compromised PWs on my secondary vault, it works fine. But on my primary vault I get the message „no internet connection, try again”. At the same I use the internet, so the IS a connection. Where is the error?

iMac 2019 on Mojave, latest Enpass version.

Thx for hints.

Update: After the 3rd attempt, it did work. Still strange why it needed 3 attempts ...

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  • Roobert changed the title to Checking compromised PWs doesn't work on primary vault

Hello @Roobert,

We have tested this issue on multiple systems with the latest versions of Enpass (App Store version 6.7.3 and Website version 6.7.2) and find it working as expected. For further investigation please help me with the following details:

  1. Share the number of items/attachments that you are using in the primary vault.
  2. Is the primary vault synced with a cloud account?
  3. Are you using the latest App Store version of Enpass: 6.7.3(888) or website version 6.7.2?
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Hello Manish,

I just let the check-PW routine run and again it works fine on both vaults. For your investigation of the previous failures, here's the data:

- 335 items and 11 attachments in primary fault
- No cloud-syncing involved, only WiFi
- Enpass Appstore version 6.7.3 (888)


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