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Enpass freezes, then only works after PC reboot


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I have an issue where Enpass regularly (few times a day) freezes and crashes. Then after re-launching, it freezes again, either immediately or after a few seconds. The only way to get it back operational is to reboot the PC. I also tried restarting explorer.exe, and all the browsers, but this doesn't help.

Obviously it would be ideal if Enpass wasn't crashing at all, but at very least I would like to have a workaround to get it back without having to reboot.

I use Windows 11 (21H2), but I think it was happening on Windows 10 as well (although not a frequently). Enpass is up to date Windows Store version.

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Hello @aa11,

In order to further investigate, please follow the below suggestions and do reply to the outcomes:

  1. I would like to share that we checked it on our end and found that the store version is working fine so I would suggest you to share the error message (if there is any) or reinstall the app.
  2. Yes, you can install our website version from here for the error logs. If you find similar behavior on our website version, you can find the logs option in the Enpass Advanced settings -> Logs (as shown in the picture below). Share them either here or on support@enpass.io.
  3. No functionality will be lost if you install the website version, both Enpass versions are similar with a few differences like database location and availability of error logs.


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