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Enpass Chrome Extension not working


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Last day i received update on my mac 12.2 and after installing update my chrome extension stopped working even though it is working on safari. I had this issue before on windows so i thought like windows reinstalling it will resolve the issue but it did not. then i removed enpass and restarted my mac and then installed everything again but nothing changed.


Anyone else have this issue and anyone know how to resolve it?

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Hi @Fadi

Thank you for letting us know about the issue you are getting on Enpass Chrome Extension after installing MacOS 12.2

Let me quickly raise this to my testing team but before I do this, will need additional information from you -

  1. The version of the Enpass app (Store or Website), Enpass Extension, Chrome you are using.
  2. A screenshot of the error which is occurring would be helpful.
  3. Also, under the Chrome Enpass Extension Settings, please enable the Error logs and do share the same here.
  4. Do try to use other Chromium based browsers like Brave (to test if you are getting the same error while using Google Chrome).
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@Abhishek Dewan

I have resolved this issue and out the reason which i am going to explain for any other client who faces this issue.
When we update MacOS after updating and restart it creates 2 applications folders 1 is to keep old apps installed and change application default folder to other new one so when apps gets loaded from old applications folder which macos is considering a backup or old folder and is not default in path Enpass start giving error 403. solution to this is move or remove apps from old applications folder and move them or install apps in new applications folder. This will resolve this issue which i was having and there is no one on internet i can find about this issue which means it was resolved by myself after banging my head for hours.

Edited by Fadi
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