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Cannot add WebDAV sync to Enpass 6.8.1 from Mac App Store

Dave R

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My WebDAV sync has stopped working on Enpass 6.8.1 on Mac desktop. I disconnected and tried to re-add it again, and I’m getting the error “Please authorize again using your WebDAV account.”


I’m connecting to a local area network server, running WebDAVNav Server, an app from the Mac App Store.


Another account which I have configured for WebDAV to the same server (but different path) seems to work fine. This appears to only be an issue with the setup flow of the sync relationship.

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Same here - it's a "simple" problem - but I think only Enpass can solve it:


I have my WebDAV server with "Digest-Authentication" and running fine since a long time with Enpass. All updates ran without problems including 6.8.1. But on a new Mac (latest 12.4 / Intel), when adding a WebDAV account Enpass wants to authenticate with "Basic-Authentication" only.... switching to "Basic" on the server works for the new client, but you get the authentication error on the other clients which ran fine with "Digest" since the first setup.


So.... switched back to "Digest" and waiting for a fix or workaround.

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I don’t have a demo account for you since it’s a local network server. But it’s trivial to test this by downloading WebDAVNav Server from the Mac App Store, and sharing any folder on your local computer.

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For what it’s worth, the WebDAVNav Server logs shows the following.

2022/05/30 14:41:48:831  Error 401 - Unauthorized (/Dave/)
2022/05/30 14:41:48:842  Request: PROPFIND /Dave/
2022/05/30 14:41:48:847  Response status: 207 Length: 1053
2022/05/30 14:41:48:930  Error 401 - Unauthorized (/Dave/)

This suggests that the PROPFIND actually worked, but the next request gets a 401 response, and Enpass fails to reauthenticate.

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