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apple m1 platform issues with enpass 6.8.1 (1063)


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everytime i start enpass 6.8.1 (1063) on my macbook m1 pro or my imac m1 24 both on latest macos monterey patchlevel. I got sync error with onedrive caused bei network connectivity error. also the password check service, which checks for powned passwords, fails with network error. after that i sync manually and everything works. could you please check and fix that.

Best Regards,


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Hi @MOM20xx

For quick troubleshooting purposes, please create a manual backup, then remove the synchronization from all the connected devices. While doing so, you will also get an option to 'Delete data from OneDrive'. Please proceed with it and after doing it, enable the synchronization again on your devices. I would also suggest checking if you have granted permission to Enpass in your Firewall and Antivirus Settings.

If the issue persists, please share the below information with me and I'll have this investigated for you -

  1. The version of the OS you are using on your Macbook m1 pro and iMac m1 devices.
  2. A screenshot of the error occurring while synchronizing and the screenshot of the network error you are getting.
  3. Are you using any VPN service?
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thank you for quick reply. No Firewall or Antivirus Solution is active here on my mac devices. On Windows Devices or iPhone this error does not occur with the same onedrive account. after doing additional tests, this only happens after reboot on the first start of enpass.

MacOS Version is 12.4 on both devices

When starting Enpass after reboot the white cycle of the onedrive icon gets red. when clicking the onedrive icon i get


if i click then Jetzt synchronisieren

i get


so enpass syncs successfully with onedrive.

also the password check for compromissed passwords has issue when enpass starts the first time after a reboot.



when clicking Erneut versuchen it works as expected:



no VPN Service is used.

after that when enpass is running changes or new entries will successfully sync to onedrive

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Also, are you using iCloud+'s Private Relay feature? I'm not sure if it is offered in your local market yet, but my experience is that having it enabled at startup delays full network connectivity for some apps for a few moments after start up. Typically, this only lasts a few moments, and if the app attempts to connect again shortly after the first failed attempt, the connection will go through just fine.

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I don't have icloud+ subscription only the free icloud standard model. So i don't think the private relay is active. i can click only on update in the icloud settings for this and then i get the notification to buy a subscription of icloud+

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