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Connection Error: Edge Browser Extension

Jeff Vance

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Recently the Enpass extension for MS Edge has been unable to communicate with the Enpass application - whenever I try to utilize the browser extension it will correctly pop up the app; but it never actually links up, giving me a Connection Error each time.  Even after logging into the app, the problem exists.

If I look in "Settings > Browser > Review Browsers" no browsers are listed, but I'm never prompted for a request to actually sync them up?

I've reinstalled both the store app and the browser extension and this didn't seem to help.


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Hi @Jeff Vance

For troubleshooting purposes, please ensure that the latest version of Enpass and Edge browser is installed on your device and that the Enpass application is running in the background when you are using the browser extension. The “Enable Extensions” under Browser settings of your Enpass application should also be enabled.

If the problem still persists, then we will need additional information from you, kindly share it with us and we will get it investigated-

  1. The version of the Enpass app, OS, Enpass Extension and Edge browser you are using.
  2. Are you facing a similar issue with any other browser as well?
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