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EnpassStartup.exe after re-playing Backup Image failed


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I had an SSD crash an dhad to re-import an image on a new build-in SSD. Since that time I am getting during the startup of the PC a fault message, that the path is not correct. Only after I push the OK button, the startup process continues.

What can I do, that this message disappera anymore?



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Have you try running the application after fresh install ( uninstall and re-install again)? Also, please go through the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the given link: 


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I was looking for the MS checking, but I find different Links - Only the upper I am able to open - all other are not able to find. So I assume, that in teh startup phase a wrong path is written. But how can I find where is this startup located, that I can change it? I checked all knows startup location on windows (as I know), but haven't find anywhere this file. The only think is the fact, that in the "Autostart" are existing two different ENPASS entries" - which I do not unterstand - will disable them one by to see, if this helps...

Of course, maybe I can find the correct one of the lower 3 files and rename the upper one - but I assume I will have trouple at least when another update will appear and installed.

So any help is appreciated



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