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Password requested twice when re-opening Enpass


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When I revoke Enpass on Mac, I have to use touch id twice every time to have the full window available.

1. I revoke Enpass running in the background.
I select "Touch ID", use it. Accepted.

2. Enpass opens in a small pop-up window.
I want the full window instead.

3. Enlarge Enpass by pressing Cmd-E.
It requires password entry again!
And strange enough, I have to click on the touch id bubble again, then do touch id.
Now I have the full window. 

What's wrong, that I need a double login and so many action to open an already running Enpass?

Any configuration issues? Bug?

If this is a bug, I would accept to not having the pop-up window first, but always start revoked Enpass in full window mode. How to?

BTW, using latest macOS and latest Enpass version.

Kind regards,

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Hi @Passer

For troubleshooting purposes, please create a manual backup/set up synchronization for your Enpass data and then reinstall the app. If the issue persists, kindly share the below details with me and I'll have this investigated for you -

  1. The version of the Enpass app and OS you are using.
  2. A screenshot of any error occurring would be helpful.
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Thanks, @Abhishek Dewan, for reply.

The re-installation already happened after updating macOS.

  • Mac OS: Latest, Monterey, version 12.6
  • Enpass Pro version 6.8.2 (1082)

Screen shots in macOS:

1. After revoking from menu bar:



2. Small pop-up window:


3. After pressing Cmd-E to get a full window:


4. I am asked for "touch id":



5. After touch id the main window opens in full window:



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Hi @Passer

I can certainly understand your disappointment in this matter.

I have already shared all the details with our development team, and they are working on a fix. Right now, I will be unable to share any ETA as a fix is only released for any issue after thorough testing. Rest assured, I will certainly update this forum when a fix for this issue is released, or if we require any additional information. Please bear with us while we work on fixing this, and we appreciate your kind understanding in this case.

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