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Please explain some of these updates

David Jameson

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I'm trying to determine whether the new update for Enpass on Mac actually fixes (any or all of) the problems I (and others) have reported over the last year but the descriptions are so generic, it's very hard to figure out.



  • Fixed an issue where Enpass could sync continuously, waiting for reauthentication.
    Sync continuously with what? Some vault? Does this address the problem where after some time, Enpass keeps asking for the password again to sync with NextCloud?
  • Password History duplication (due to incorrect timestamp during sync) has been resolved.
    Does this solve the problem where syncing from one computer completely overwrites syncing from another computer? On iCloud only or on any vault?

Have you addressed the issue where it's not possible to set up a connection directly via the NextCloud option and it can only be done using your WebDAV option?


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Hey @David Jameson,

I appreciate your efforts in raising such questions. Following are the answers to your asked queries:

  1. This issue was not linked to a specific cloud account but to a vault where Enpass continuously tried to sync but could not re-authenticate. It is not specific to NextCloud. Kindly, let me know if you are still facing such an issue. If yes, try the following steps
    1. Go to Enpass Desktop application → Wifi-Sync → Start Wifi-Sync → Select the Vault with the NextCloud issue.
    2. It will ask you if you wish to disconnect from Dropbox and use WiFi-Sync. Please choose yes, then close Enpass and reopen.
    3. Then visit the same Wifi-Sync page → Disconnect Wifi-Sync. Now, your NextCloud account should be disconnected from the vault. You can try to sync it again. 
  2. Password History duplication: In this issue, the history of the password change was showing differently across the devices. Hence, it is not the case that you are referring to. In order to assist you better, please help me with the following details:
    1. Share the details of the Enpass version and OS information. 
    2. Did you install Enpass from a store or our website?
    3. Are you using WebDAV with NextCloud? 
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Regarding (1) above, I'm quite confused --- I've never used either Dropbox nor Wifi Sync (I don't even know what the latter is) so I'm not quite sure what you're suggesting.

The two problems I have run into with NextCloud were

1. This doesn't work....


you have to use this



2. Every few weeks (it seems), Enpass would fail to connect and keep asking me to reauthenticate -- and it would not accept the password. The only solution was to delete the Enpass folder in NextCloud and start all over again


Hence --- I tried switching to iCloud and then I ran into the other problem where syncing from one Enpass would completely overwrite every entry and so if you had added a new item to some other Enpass app on another computer, that item got lost. That's really serious -- I've lost critical information because of this problem (e.g, notes that I store get lost)


It sounds like neither of these issues is addressed.




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Hey @David Jameson,

I appreciate your response. I understand that every week NextCloud was asking to re-authenticate which was resolved by deleting the Enpass folder from the NextCloud. In order to assist you better, please help me with the following details:

  1. Make sure you are using Enpass v6.8.3 and share the details of the macOS version. 
  2. Did you install Enpass from a store or our official website?
  3. Also, please refer to this FAQ.
  4. At this moment, are you using WebDAV NextCloud or iCloud to sync the data?
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Hey @David Jameson,

Thank you for sharing the details. If you want you can go back to NextCloud, please try the following steps and share your findings:

  1. Disconnect the iCloud sync -> Make sure to select the option "Also, delete data from iCloud". 
  2. Open Enpass on the device that has the latest data. Sync it with the WebDAV NextCloud and you can refer to this FAQ for better help.
  3. If it syncs successfully, syncs the remaining devices as well. 
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