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Touch ID - not working - Enpass 6.8.4


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MacBook Pro M1 macOS 13.0.1 and Enpass 6.8.4

My Touch ID works. Worked great with 1Password 7, works filling things in Safari, works for wake from sleep, etc.

I have the "Quick Unlock" "Touch ID" checked.

Yet every time I launch Enpass I get NO option to use my fingerprint.

And please explain "Master password is required every time you restart Enpass".

Is this saying I cannot use the Touch ID when I launch Enpass??? 1P7 allowed me to use my fingerprint - only occasionally requiring the vault master password to re-verify.



Screenshot 2022-11-11 at 9.03.06 AM.png

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Hi @quattleb

Could you please confirm if you have downloaded the Enpass app from the Mac AppStore or from our official website? Only the Mac AppStore Enpass version supports full time unlock via Touch ID. Otherwise, please try the below troubleshooting steps and share your findings with me -

  1. Disable the Touch ID in your Enpass app. Then restart the app and re-enable the Touch ID again.
  2. Create a manual backup/ set up synchronization for your Enpass data and then reinstall the app.
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