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Best way to duplicate Enpass and Vault on to new computer


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Hello All!

I have a functioning Enpass install on my desktop iMac.

I've just got a laptop and want to have the same Vault installation on the laptop.

What is the recommended method for achieving this?

(I looked in the documentation but couldn't find the information I needed, so sorry if this is painfully obvious and I'm just missing it :^)




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Hi @Gary

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

The easiest way to access your Enpass data on multiple devices is by synchronizing them. Please refer to the below steps on how to do so -

Steps for your iMac device -

You can set up cloud sync on your device by going to Enpass Setting’s → Vaults → Select the Vault for which you would like to setup sync → Setup Sync → Select the cloud → Continue.

Steps for your new laptop -

On the welcome screen of the Enpass application on your laptop, choose Restore Existing -> Cloud account to which you synced the details above → Enter Vault password → Continue . All the passwords will be synced to your laptop.

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