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Make Match URL Hostname specific to items (sites)


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It would be really much, much better if the Match URL Hostname was NOT a global setting. I often login into work sites on our company's intranet that ALL have the same domain name with different sub-domains, which all have different passwords. Unfortunately, Enpass, like LastPass and other password managers, match only on the domain name, or have a global setting that makes EVERY site match on the entire URL (which screws up other sites, especially ones that get updated and some part of the URL changes) or make you list the sites elsewhere (like LastPass). It is especially irritating when you have to dig through dozens of sites that all look the same (in a dropdown) to try and find the right password for the host you are attempting to log into :(

The flag to indicate to match the "full URL" should really be options, specific to each item/site, on whether to match just on the domain name, the full host name (including sub-domains) or the entire URL. That way you can setup intranet sites accordingly (with sub-domains and/or path specific sites) and yet still have internet sites (such as bank, credit card, etc. sites) that only match the domain name so if the website is updated and the URL changes it doesn't get hosed.


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Hi @Naris

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

I appreciate your efforts in exploring the Enpass and taking your time to find this valuable suggestion to add an exception option to match URL hostname for domains. I have shared it with our concerned team for further consideration. Your patience is highly appreciated here.  



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