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Error code: 1307018 in Nextcloud sync


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"Something went wrong while syncing with NextCloud. Error code: 1307018"

Could that be a less helpful error message? Where is the logfile so I can see what actually went wrong?

The Nextcloud instance is running fine and all desktop and mobile Nextcloud clients are syncing just fine.

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It seems the file was corrupted somehow, possibly by the iOS client where I just changed a password for the first time in years.

occ files:scan rebuilds the index and makes the curl error go away

Sync then results in: "It seems that password of data on NextCloud has been changed lately. Please enter the new password to continue sync."

Entering my master password does not work, so I guess the file has been corrupted.

I am not given the option to push the latest version from my laptop to Nextcloud, what is the safest way to do this without losing any data? I know the vault on my laptop is currently good.

I see the file on my laptop is named Vaults\primary\vault.enpassdb whereas the vault on Nextcloud is named Enpass/vault.enpassdbsync i.e. has a different file extension. Can I overwrite the .enpassdbsync with the .enpassdb from my laptop or is it in a different format? Or should I copy this file instead from my laptop: Enpass\.sync\primary\Nextcloud.enpassdbsync ?

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Hi @davidc

Since you mentioned that the Enpass Vault on your laptop is good, kindly ensure that it is also up to date with all your passwords and create a manual backup. Then disconnect the synchronization from your laptop (and any other devices), remove the Enpass data from your Nextcloud server and set up synchronization again. Once done, you can reinstall the Enpass app on your iOS device.

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