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Error when trying to connect secondary vault to One Drive for Buinsess


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My primary vault is connected to Google Drive but when trying to connect a second vault to One Drive for Business I get the following error.

"Something when wrong while syncing with One Drive. Error code: 1208968"

I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting a couple of time but I get the same error.

Screenshot attached.

RM - Screenshot 2023-01-30 155708.png

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Hi @Mudplugger

Our dedicated team is aware of this concern and they are working on a fix. Could you please share the version of the Enpass app and OS you are using along with the logs? You can enable the logs by following the below steps (Logs can be enabled in the Website version of the Enpass app) -

  1. Go to Enpass Settings → Advanced → Logs → Enable.
  2. Try synchronizing again. When the error occurs, open the Enpass app and visit the same Settings as above and click on 'Show Logs'.
  3. Copy the content of the logs and share it here. You can also DM me the logs or paste them in a .txt file and share it with us at support@enpass.io (Do mention this forum).


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