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Enpass doesn't remember keyfile


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I recently added a keyfile to my standard vault and it's working fine so far. Except I have to select the keyfile again on every start of enpass. Of course I have already set the option to remember the last used keyfile (see attached images).

The keyfile is stored on an internal drive (ssd) and the behaviour is always the same whether it's at system start oder after exiting enpass and starting it again manually.

I don't want to select the keyfile on any start. How can get it to work? Or is this a bug in enpass?


2023-02-22 20_02_51-Enpass.png

2023-02-22 19_58_48-Enpass.png

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Hi @0n10n

Our development team is already aware of this issue, and they are working on fixing it. Unfortunately, I will be unable to share any ETA at the moment. Rest assured, I will update this forum when a fix for this concern is released. We appreciate your patience in the meantime and apologize for any inconvenience caused to you in this matter.

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