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Edge Browser extension not filling some specific website ?


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Hello all

Under Ventura 13.2.1 and enpass 6.8.5, when visiting ebanking of one of the four largest Greek banks , extension freezes and I have to enter credentials manually. Quite anoying!

Microsoft Edge Version 110.0.1587.57

My Enpass was downloaded from Apple store & database stores around 320 items, (around 1,5 mb) if that helps.

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I've checked what happens in the Developer Tools of Edge, and I could see following in the Console when trying to fill login and password with the proposed ones from Enpass extension :


Anyone an idea why ?

Thanks !


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Hi @Octapus @sgrienen,

I will gladly get this checked for you. @Octapus, could you please confirm the version of the Enpass Extension and if you are facing this issue on any other webpages as well? If yes, kindly share them too.

@sgrienen, for a thorough investigation of this concern, please share the version of the Enpass app, OS, Enpass Extension, and Edge browser you are using along with a few webpages on which you are facing this issue.


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App is 6.8.5 on latest MacOS, and extension is 6.8.3. And same for me, it's not happening very often, but on a very specific website... if you want to know which site, I rather share that in a private message, I don't want to expose everything on that forum. Edge is on version 110.

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Hi @Octapus

Our development team is already aware of this issue, and they are working on fixing it. Unfortunately, I will be unable to share any ETA at the moment. Rest assured, I will update this forum when a fix for this concern is released. We appreciate your patience in the meantime and apologize for any inconvenience caused to you in this matter.

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