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How to update Enpass proper


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I have the website version of Enpass 6.8.5 on Mac OS 12.6.5

I tried to update Enpass to the new version 6.8.6 today. I could not find an automatic update choice. So I downloaded the new version from the website and installed it.

Enpass installed a new version and kept the old (6.8.5) version. So now I had two versions.

When I tried to start the new version Enpass could not find the preferences and the tresors. I had to direct Enpass to the backups of the old version. While doing that, Enpasss wanted the backup password. I tried the master password, but Enpass didn't accept ist. So I couldn't open the tresor.

To get Enpass running again I had to reinstall the Enpass Container from the library and the old Enpass version from a timemachine backup. Now the old version is working again and I can open the tresors with my master password but it cost me nearly tweo hours of work.

Now my questions:

Which one is the backup password? Apparently not the master password.

Has the Desktop version of Enpass for mac no automatic choice to update to a new version?

What did I do wrong while I updated Enpass the way I described above?

If I would change to the Appstore version of Enpass, will I have the same problems I had in the update process?


Thank you for answers

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Hi @aikon

Welcome to the Enpass Forums.

You can download the Enpass app on your Mac from either the Mac AppStore or our official website. If you have downloaded the app from the Mac AppStore, you can update the app by going to the Enpass store page on the AppStore. If in case you are using the website version, you can update the app by going to Enpass app -> Menu bar --> Help --> Check for Updates.


Additionally, the backup file's password can either be the vault password (if it's a backup of a secondary vault) or the master password (if it's a backup of the Primary Vault or multiple vaults, including the Primary Vault).


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Thank you for your answer.

What you desribe is what I woul expect.

But as you can see, there ist no update bottom in the 'help' menu.

And I tried the master password, a password from a second tresor and none of them worked. I even tried an old password that I used one year ago. None of them worked.  Only the reinstallation from the timemachine backup library container and then a restart of the mac heped.


Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-11 um 14.13.38.png

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Hi @aikon

Enpass version 6.8.5 (1256) is the version available from the AppStore, and it must be updated from the Mac AppStore. Kindly try doing so and share your findings with me.

Also, it seems that you may have accidentally downloaded both versions of Enpass; from Mac AppStore and our website. To avoid confusion, I would suggest keeping either the Mac AppStore or the website version.

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I always try to avoid the Appstore whenever it's possible and the Appstore doesn't show, that I purchased Enpass. Anyway I tried to update Enpass using the Appstore and that worked howsoever Enpass came on my mac.

So everythimgs seems to work now.

I thank you for your help!!

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