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Favicons broken


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In Enpass 6.9.0 stable builds, the websites favicon doesnt show anymore within inline autofill.

This applies to both Windows (UWP) and Linux (RPM) and both extension versions  6.8.3 and 6.8.6

Tried with Chome, Firefox and Edge. Enpass extension 6.8.3 on Firefox and 6.8.6 in Chrome.

Tried to disable and re-enable 'website icons' in Enpass and relaunch with no avail


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I was about to start a topic on the same issue.
This problem began right after updating from version 6.8.6 (1365) to version 6.9.0 (1465) of Enpass.


Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.3324
Enpass: v6.9.0 (1465) (Website version)

Extension: v6.8.6
Browsers: Chrome v115.0.5790.171 / Edge v115.0.1901.203

Extension: v6.8.3
Browsers: Firefox v116.0.2

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