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Should Enpass work with Edge beta browser?


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I was just wondering if Enpass on Android is expected to work with Microsoft Edge beta browser?

I've just been using it for a few things and I've noticed that Enpass is almost never appearing an an option on the keyboard when I'm clicking in username and password fields on websites. This obviously all works fine with the 'release' version of Edge on Android.

I'm seeing this same behaviour on multiple devices: Samsung Galaxy S22 phone (Android 13) and Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (Android 11), with Enpass

I am specifically referring to the beta version of Edge which is available here - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.emmx.beta - as opposed to Dev or Canary versions.

I completely understand if the position is that Enpass isn't tested with beta versions of browsers. Still, I wanted to ask the question and raise the point in case you wanted to investigate why it isn't working in case you need to prepare for a future release.

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Hi @Anthony

We appreciate your effort in bringing this matter to our attention. Your feedback has been duly acknowledged and relayed to our committed team for prospective enhancements. Meanwhile, we kindly request you to activate the "Autofill using Accessibility services" feature via the Enpass App Settings -> Autofill. This will facilitate autofill functionality on the Edge beta browser.


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Interestingly, it seems that Enpass is treating Edge Beta as an app, rather than a browser. 

Every time I go to login to a site, Enpass isn't seeing a website domain in a browser. When I search for a card to use for username and password,, it always asks if I want to associate that card with "Edge Beta". I.e. it is treating it as an app.

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