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Enpass 6 - Sync: Choose location


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I posted this accidentally in the Beta Forum outside of the "Free Desktop Beta Forum". Maybe the other thread can be closed.

It would be great to choose a location as a sync destination. For example to sync multiple vaults in a single dropbox. I imagine saving a private.enpassdbsync and a business.enpassdbsync in the same dropbox or any other location on my desktop. This way I could create a shared vault for our company in our dropbox folder and keep my personal data in a separate folder. Also you could also sync with other services not supported by enpass.

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hi @Benny800,

Sorry for the late response, skipping this thread was just an oversight.

I would like to share that in next update we're going to introduce Folder sync support, which will allow you to sync multiple vaults with the same cloud account by giving a specific folder path to each vault which will fulfill your requirement.


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