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Hi Guys, please give us an option to AutoFill TOTP as well that will make the whole sign-in process more seamless.

EDIT: Found an option which automatically copies TOTP after the login. I hope it's available on the Android App too.

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A while ago I quit using Enpass and switched to something else. Today, after what felt like a year, I switched back, forgetting why I had ever left in the first place... That was until I went to sign into one of my accounts that uses a TOTP on Android. I forgot that -- at least from what I can find -- there is no quick way to access the TOTP from Android. I am a software engineer who has worked on countless Android apps, and I can say with confidence that copying the TOTP to the clipboard upon autofill is an extremely easy and quick addition, yet the developers here have not bothered to add it in. Why? Why can't there even be a notification that says what the TOTP code is? This is the reason I quit using Enpass before and I'm starting to consider it again.

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I still can't figure out how this works in IOS. Here are the steps I currently have to take:

Click link in Enpass to launch a site.

Enpass auto fills user name and password. 

Screen appears to enter 2 factor authentication code

Exit screen with code field; open i Message app; copy code; return to screen with code field and paste in code.

Is there a simpler way?

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There are some different ways to setup 2FA in general. Two of the most common are receiving a code via SMS and generating a code via some appropriate app, using a secret key. This are 2 different things and they have nothing in common. Enpass can handle only the 2FA generating a TOTP 6-digit code from a secret key, which you get from a website when you setup 2FA.

If you're speaking about copying code from iMessage, so I suppose you've chosen the variant with SMS code and there is nothing you can manage with Enpass. You'd have to rerun the 2FA setup on that website and chose a different opportunity of creating the code (if possible at all, because some are offering SMS only 2FA). Only in that case TOTP autofill would work!

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