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Orson Wang

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Hi There:

I am wondering if this can be fixed or I should not put Dock at right.

The extension on macOS will always stick to rightmost of screen. When you using system Dock on the right. I cannot click the rightmost button like "copy password", "info", which is very annoying. Can you add code to detect the rightmost of working viewport(Desktop/host application like chrome, firefox) instead of rightmost of screen?   

google chrome.png


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Hello, even more, using 2 displays (retina + non-retina external) and launching from the menu bar - enpass window appears in the lower right corner of the external display and top right corner of the retina one (splitted) and right side of the window is not visible. This make it useless.

i'd prefer this window to be opened right under the menu bar.


This is how in looks from the screen shot, but really it is split on 2 screens.

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 13.27.07.jpg

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