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Open Sourcing Enpass

Jaspreet Singh

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I'd like to know what you, Jespreet, expects the benefits of this to be.

A lot of people misunderstand "open source" to mean free, which is of course wrong. Open source software can be free, but it doesn't have to be. One isn't related to the other. More importantly, asking people to give away their hard work for nothing is a bit brash. On the other hand, open sourcing Enpass can make a lot of sense if the idea is to allow anyone who has the technical skills to audit the software, thereby giving Enpass' security related claims a "community approved" stamp. Besides actually making Enpass more secure, this can also be used as a marketing instrument.

I'd vote for this request if the idea is about community auditing, and strictly against it if it's the first (I want the people behind my security solutions to be well funded). Can't say where I stand if the idea is something else.

Anyway, I think the post should describe what the idea behind it is. Just asking for "open source" isn't really enough IMHO.

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Hey @Hemant Kumar 

Thx for writing back. Let me float a raw idea, where you can split the application into core and UI. Now core part is opensource and you keep the UI closed source.


  • Database
  • Encryption code
  • Authentication (Most important: This should pop up UI to enter master password and grant temporary access to UI without revealing master password)

Let me know if you get the gist; ping me back if something is unclear



Hey @Unsay

Never asked to make it free.

I hope @Hemant Kumar makes allot of money B|B|B|


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Hi @Jaspreet Singh,

Core part of Enpass is already open source. We use SQLCipher as our database and it in turns uses OpenSSL crypto library for encryption. Both SQLCipher and OpenSSL are open source. Enpass is only a UI that triggers core SQLCipher operations and provides functionality to enhance user experience using platform specific apis (Fingerprint etc.). Following links might be helpful 




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