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Enpass 6 - multi devices, including Android 4.4


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After several upgrades to version 6 on multiple devices (Linux, Windows, Android,...), I faced an issue on a smartphone Wiko, running Android 4.4.2 (no OS upgrade available)

Enpass (paid version) has been working until latest upgrades 5.x, but version 6.0 does not want to get installed.

Problem : on other devices, migration to Enpass version 6 has been successful and forced (especially within browsers, such as firefox).

As version 5 and version 6 safes are not the same, how can I manage this dilemma (I want to access my same vault everywhere) ?

Is there an Enpass version 6 for Android KitKat ?

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No doubt I understand that.

But could we imagine an Enpass version that runs on "older" Android versions, and that can use the same vaults as Enpass v6 ?

Changing Vaults format created a breach in compatibility... :-(

Fine if additional features do not work on this "legacy version", but we need to maintain compatibility between all devices...

Can you work on that ?



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