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Keyboard-only way to copy password in Enpass 6.0.0?

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In older versions of Enpass on Mac, I could do this:

  1. Click on menu bar icon
  2. Navigate with arrow keys to desired item
  3. Type cursor right to view more details on the item
  4. Cursor down to the password row
  5. Hit 'Enter' to copy it to the clipboard

In Enpass 6.0.0, steps 4 and 5 no longer work.

Is there any way to accomplish this on Enpass 6? And if not, can you please add a keyboard-only way of doing so soon?

I am starting to regret this update :(



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I'm running Enpass 6.0 on Windows and have the same issue. Steps 4 and 5 can no longer be done with a keyboard alone which greatly hurts my workflow. Is there a fix/workaround or is there a way to roll back to v5* and still be secure? And thank you for the development work! Have been very happy with app so far.

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Hi all,

Work has been done on it. This feature will make comeback in upcoming updates. Meanwhile you can use Ctrl+Shift+P to copy password after selecting item in search list or its detail page.



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