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Enpass 6 - Connection-Error Browser Extension in Chrome and Firefox[SOLVED]


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Hi guys,

i am using Enpass 6.0.2 on Mac High Sierra 10.14.2 with Firefox 64.0 (Quantum) and Chrome 71.0.3578.98. Both browser cannot connect to Enpass. After I get the question to open an external Link in Enpass Enpass locks (even when its unlocked before) and nothing more happens.

When all browser are open i get this:

Enpass    2196 xx   22u  IPv4 0x30d337f82379215d      0t0  TCP localhost:10391 (LISTEN)
Enpass    2196 xx   28u  IPv4 0x30d337f8239bc45d      0t0  TCP localhost:10391->localhost:58285 (ESTABLISHED)
Enpass-Sa 2321 xx    6u  IPv4 0x30d337f8237337dd      0t0  TCP localhost:58285->localhost:10391 (ESTABLISHED)

Safari is working.

Any suggestions?





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