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[Forwarded] Password-Entry empty in Android


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In Enpass for Windows I added test-entry that contains only test-data (so no real data):

  • the password 123456 (to test the "Check for Pwned passwords" feature
  • a custom Group called "Sicherheitsfragen"
  • a custom sensitive field called "Frage 1" of "Text" type with the value "Frage: Antwort"
  • in the notes I entered some text to test if Enpass can display formatted text:
    This is **bold** text
    This is <b>bold</b> text
    This is [b]bold[/b] text


When I sync this entry to Android, then I see an empty entry that just contains the password history.
See attached images.

If you want to I can also send a screen shot of the entry in Enpass.
It contains only dummy data so I have no problem sending it.

Best regards





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@Anshu kumar

I have reproduced the bug.

If you create a new entry, enter any password and set the expiry date to -1 (what is possible) then this entry can not be viewed in Android.
Before I set the expiry date to -1 I could open it without any problems.

See also here:


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