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Partial Bitwarden import

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Given what a trainwreck Enpass6 is I  migrated to my own Bitwarden installation.

While occasionally checking back on Enpass I noticed that importing from Bitwarden will only ever import 34 out of my few hundred items.
So... ugh.. fix plz?

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Hey @Tadly 

4 hours ago, Tadly said:

@Anshu kumar Guess I should have pinged you so you get an update

Sorry for the delay due to the weekend holiday.

Sorry to say but we are unable to reproduce this issue in our lab and want a little help from your side so please let me know:

  • Which OS version are you using?
  • Bitwarden version and default Language?
  • Open exported file in any text editor and check are you able to view all items?

Thanks for your co-operation.


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So I tested again, even removed everything that's not a "login" (secure notes, credit cards) and still no budge.

I've tried importing on both windows and linux.
Enpass version: Latest stable on both windows and linux
Bitwarden version: 2.8

And yes, the exported json is valid as well.

From a possible 134 items, the first 35 would be imported (so one more than previously)

Just spent some more time trying to figure out what you guys did wrong aaaaand actually found it.
As soon as there's an entry WITHOUT the `uris` node (underneath `logins`), the whole import stops processing any further items.
That's obviously not quite right...

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P.s. sorry for being so... aggressive or whatever you wanna call it...

...I'm just really annoyed about the whole Enpass 6 release.
There's just so much wrong with it.
The android app is actually really good from what I've seen so far but the desktop...
I wish you'd just redo it using GTK instead of QT without trying to "do your own thing to separate from the masses".
We don't need "unique" designs on a desktop. We need something that just works and does so with keyboard and mouse because
that's what we have AND USE.
You guys design some weird tablet'isch thingy filled with bugs (be it QT's fault or not, as a end-user I don't care) which is hard to use

Great... now I have to apologize again for ranting. I'm sorry.

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@Tadly I feel you. I actually moved from Enpass 6 to Bitwarden, since they now also support importing via json.

I tested Enpass 6 since the Beta and hoped they would actually improve the whole UX, but no dice.

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@Meister To bad bitwarden also is really bad when it comes to usability...

Browser extensions needs pin unlocking (1 try, than master pwd like with enpass 5)
Also, navigation the bitwarden extension using a keyboard is a just painful (just like enpass 6)

Sad how there's no good PWD manager out there and seeing all the potential enpass threw out the windows just hurts me

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