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[BUG] Incorrect TOTP value on Windows 10

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I faced a very disturbing issue.

The TOTP code generated by the Windows 10 app and the one on the mobile app (iOS) are different. The one on the Windows 10 app is wrong.

I checked with a few different credentials that I have with TOTP, and it was the case every single time.

Windows 10 version: 6.0.4

iOS version: 6.0.4 (222)

I would suggest a quick fix, this can be very frustrating/infuriating to get around. Still, the new version of enpass is awesome !

Cheers !

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Hey @FuN_KeY 

This problem surfaces when the date and time on your devices don't match internet time. So please make sure that date and time are accurate on all devices (preferably set to automatic).

Hope this helps!

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