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Setting up Sync not working (with non-default web browser)

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Setting up Sync is not working with Dropbox (maybe others too).


  • Enpass Windows Desktop v6.0.6 (323)
  • Enpass Extension
  • Chromium Web Browser 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) (not default browser) (Enpass Extension installed).
  • Google Chrome (default browser) (Enpass Extension not installed).

Repro Steps:

When I setup Dropbox Sync via Enpass Desktop:

  • Enpass Desktop opens the default browser.
    • I don't use the operating system default browser with Enpass, therefore don't have the Enpass Extension installed on the default browser.
    • I use Chromium as my browser, which is not the operating system's default web browser.
  • Enpass Desktop sends an authentication link to the default browser to Dropbox.
  • Since I don't use the default browser, I copy and paste the authentication link to my default browser.
  • The browser that I use is Chromium, with the Enpass Extension installed.
  • When I log into Dropbox via authentication link and approve the authorization, Enpass doesn't recognize the authorization, and does nothing.

Potential Reasons:

  • Chromium not fully supported. 
  • Chromium is not the default browser.  Enpass will open the default browser (which I don't use Enpass Extension) with the authentication link, I manually copy the authentication link, and paste the link.
  • There's some sort of communication between: Enpass Desktop <=> Enpass Extension <=> Browser that is not working.


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On 4/22/2019 at 5:08 AM, Samuela said:

Instead of doing all these messes up steps why don't you make Chromium as your default browser and then enable sync.

Great idea, but I'm running a portable version of Chromium.

Here's what my Chromium browser settings show (I presume it declares itself as the default browser because it is a portable app without access to the registry):



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