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switch to disable automatic sync

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I would like to see a switch that allows me to disable automatic sync.
Manual synchronization (Sync Now) should not be affected.
This is primarily a workaround for the missing WiFi sync, but I think it can also be useful in general.

I sync my devices via WebDAV on my NAS.
Before I used enpass, my NAS was always in sleep mode, but now the discs are almost always active.

I rarely create or change logins, and I know exactly when I have to synchronize the data.
Currently I setup WebDAV on all devices (PC, iPad, iPhone), synchronize them and disconnect again...
But that can not be a permanent solution.

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I'd be very happy about the ability to (temporarily) disable the automatic sync as well. When I edit many entries one after the other, it's quite annoying that after each edit (and a short delay) the synchronization starts automatically. Especially, because the list of entries often shifts after the synchronization and the currently selected entry appears in the visible area of this list at the very bottom (scrolling position problem)...

Has this feature already been discarded or is there still a chance that it could be integrated?

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