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on windows 10 - is better STANDART VERSION or UWP VERSION?

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What is different between STANDART DEKSTOP VERSION and UWP VERSION on windows 10 x64 anniversary update?

Because when I try find some difference here, on this website, so I not find any other features etc (I mean standart windows version versus windows uwp version).

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Hi @PepeCZ

Thanks for writing in.  As you know there are two Enpass versions for Windows: Traditional Windows version and Windows Store version ( UWP).

The Traditional Windows version is more powerful and Free under our policy of free desktop versions for Enpass. It was always free and we never charged for this. 

The Store version was first released for Windows Phones and shared the purchased license with the Modern Windows App (Former name for store Apps Windows 8.1) under Universal scheme of Microsoft while our traditional Windows version was free since day one.

The Free Traditional version has below extra features which are not there in Paid Store version

  • Importing data from other software.
  • Support of Enpass browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, Opera and Safari (Mac).
  • Auto run at system startup.
  • Password Audit.

Below are some links to user manual of different versions to throw more light of their functionality

Traditional Windows: https://www.enpass.io/docs/desktop-windows/getting_start.html
UWP Windows 10: https://www.enpass.io/docs/uwp/create.html
Windows 8 Modern App: https://www.enpass.io/docs/winphone/getting_start.html


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Today I receive into company two Surface Pro 4. So is better on surface install automatical universal version? Because this tablet have standart windows version (x86x64) so we can install both and now I not know what is maybe better :-)

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