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UI refresh issue on macOS multiple screens


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I like to report a minor issue with Enpass 6.1.0 (though it likely was also present in 6.0.8) running on macOS 10.13.6.

When I move the Enpass window from one monitor to a different monitor, the window is not drawn correctly, see screenshot.

There is an easy workaround: resize the window, and it updates correctly.

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 14.29.42.png

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Sorry for the delayed reaction.

I use the App Store version, since that's (unfortunately) the only way to activate the premium features.

Screen resolution of one monitor is 2560x1600 pixels (MacBook Pro retina display), other display 1920x1080 pixels (normal external display).

I did some more tests and I think it has to do with the "double" pixel resolution of retina displays of Apple:

* The problem only occurs when moving a window from a Retina display to a regular display, or vice versa. If I connect two external monitors to my MacBook, and drag directly between those, all is fine.

* I have another problem, with the look of the browser extension, where the resolution of the UI elements are either doubled in size, or halved in size. Here is a screenshot showing the issue. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to reproduce it every time, but it certainly helps to have a window with the Enpass extension open, at the moment the external monitor is connected, and hope that the OS moves the window to the newly connected monitor.


Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 03.05.38.png

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