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OneDrive Sync | Handling password change


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I use OneDrive as my cloud sync.

I'm currently using Enpass 6.1.2 (428) for Windows Desktop.

I've just changed my Microsoft Account (MSA) password and so need to re-authenticate any apps that use my MSA/OneDrive.

Am I correct in assuming that the way to do this in Enpass for Windows is

  1. Go into Vault Settings
  2. Click 'Disconnect' and confirm validation prompts
  3. Go back in and re-setup Sync using OneDrive from scratch.

There is no 'cleaner' way to do this? I mean, it works.. but it isn't particularly neat. It would be nice if there was a 'reauthenticate' option on the Vault Settings tab that would go through the same MSA auth process as initial setup without having to do the whole disconnect/reconnect set of steps.

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