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    Thanks Vikram (as always)... I look forward to the beta update in the near future (going by your "very soon" remark ).
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    Thank you for this information. It would be great to share more information about the Chromebook support status here as soon as you know more about the availibility. I switched to ChromeOS and it is the only OS where I cannot use my favorite Password manager. Thank you
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    Hi @skylark, Enpass 6 stores its data in a different place called App folder. You can't see this folder (blame Google for that). However, you can see data size by visiting Google Drive in a web browser and go to Settings(gear icon on top right)->Manage Apps. Cheers:)
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    I am wishing all the people from Enpass all the best. I purchased a desktop and mobile license to support this product and further development, but I cant use it at this moment due to the fact how it handles 2 vaults using cloud storage. I am a long time 1password user (offline version). Unfortunately 1password is more focused on the cloud version. 1Password supports multiple vaults for the same dropbox account, but multiple vaults is not supported in the android app. This hinders me in the way how I want to handle my passwords. For 1 password I have 2 vaults, one for me personally (work stuff) and one for the family. I am sharing the family vault through the dropbox sharing feature. This works fine. Don't understand why Enpass cant do the same thing, I am guessing it took a different approach. I hope in future it would be easier to have multiple vaults within the same cloud provider. /edit Perhaps folder sync can be a solution, just place your folder within a dropbox folder. What disadvantages would this have?
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