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    Thanks for the reply. I'll change my post to "Include" characters. Usually websites let you know what you can include.
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    Hi, I'm seeing the following message each time I open my Enpass 6.1.0 (404): However, when I click the dialogue which opens the Enpass update tab, showing that 6.1.0 (408) is available and then click Update Now, it opens the Windows Store App. Which shows the following: HOW DO I UPDATE? If I check my Installed apps, I can see Enpass Password Manager, but only the Launch button. HOW DO I UPDATE? Can't seem to find any way to update???
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    Hi @Richard2016, Thanks for writing in. Currently, Enpass is on SQLCipher v3. There were some issues preventing us from migrating to v4. However, SQLCipher V4.2 is out with fixes and hopefully, we can continue with the migration to v4 without degrading the customer experience. Thanks!
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    Hi , i just come from 1Password to Enpass. After a long wait i just look if there the wlan sync would be build inside enpass. But i, like others too,do not find that wlan Sync. I use Enpass on a Windows PC , an iPad and a iPhone. For me it is a need , i do not want to sync to clouds. For me it is fine to sync it at my private wlan network between all my devices. Without that Enpass feels not round . So i would like to ask friendly when the wlan Sync feature will come. And when it comes would it be possible to sync between PC , iPad and iPhone ? Thank your for your patience . Greets Stephan P.S. just read the message above , from J_Thomas and hope the will do it anyway
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    Hey Guys, Sorry for the trouble you are going through. There might be some technical issue with the app store so please wait for some time and try again. Thanks for your co-operation.
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