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    Hello Enpass team, I really like Enpass but I am not satisfied with the Enpass assistant. What about a dialogue that automatically opens beneath an email/password input field on a website where I previously saved my credentials? Here is an example of Dashlane, I think it's much more convenient not having to open the assistant and double-clicking an entry and instead just clicking the entry that pops up beneath the input field.
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    I would like to see a switch that allows me to disable automatic sync. Manual synchronization (Sync Now) should not be affected. This is primarily a workaround for the missing WiFi sync, but I think it can also be useful in general. I sync my devices via WebDAV on my NAS. Before I used enpass, my NAS was always in sleep mode, but now the discs are almost always active. I rarely create or change logins, and I know exactly when I have to synchronize the data. Currently I setup WebDAV on all devices (PC, iPad, iPhone), synchronize them and disconnect again... But that can not be a permanent solution.
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    So you're not going to do anything for the lifetime people other than giving the option to hide the banner. Gotcha.
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    Hey @blade Welcome to the forums! We have sent you a personal message. Please check your inbox. Thanks!
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    Hey, We totally understand your concern and apologies for the trouble. Our team is working to remove the alert/red banner displaying on the screen. The same will be removed in the next update. Thanks!
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    Enpass 6.5.2 on osX High Sierra stuck in full screen view - can't minimise or exit full screen or close the window. Although I have a tool bar still Enpass does not respect usual osX standards and has no window manager controls (the buttons for close, minimise, full screen)
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    I have the same, It's really annoying . I hope a bug-fix will come soon.
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    I reading other discussions I found that my import from 1Password did not fill in Enpass bankcard data properly. When I created new entries directly into Enpass bankcard templates it works just fine. Thanks!!
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    @Garima Singh glad team is developing for M1, can you pass the team to check on RAM usage. when using rosetta, RAM usage of enpass app in M1 seems high ~140+Mb, almost equal to that of chrome.
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    Thank you Pratyush! This is a different way than I was used to, but I can make this work.... thanks! Have a great day, thanks for responding, and peace!
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    Why don't you turn off any or all autofill forms in Safari ? You can do it in Safari Preferences from menu.Simply uncheck any items that do not require Safari to autocomplete.
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