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  1. Hi team, I recently got one of the new 8GB/RAM Raspberry Pi models and found it to be a quite nice minimal desktop experience. Unfortunately, I couldn't get very far with the tasks I was hoping to, as Enpass doesn't seem to support ARM on Linux yet. I'd love to see an ARM build published in the APT/YUM repos - unless I'm thoroughly mistaken about your codebase, it may be a just as simple as recompiling your current Linux build for ARM. I think over the next few years as we start to see more ARM machines come onto market you'll find more and more developer customers requesting this feature. Some operational suggestions for a smooth QuickStart: AWS offers ARM64 instances you can use for CI/CD. The new 8GB/RAM Raspberry Pi is now available for less than $100. They are suitable for "real work" if you prefer to do your dev work locally - I'm even building a Kubernetes cluster of them. All the best, Noah
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  2. Im still using Enpass and I like it and I dont really care about the bonus features. But i do respectfully request that they remove that obnoxious red banner on the android app. I have recommended at least 5 people that singed up with Enpass in the past 2 years. So I would appreciate if they update the android app to include a toggle to disable that banner warning inside settings. That is all thank you. I am going to stay with Enpass.
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  3. It's been well over a month now and you STILL haven't done anything for us but disrespect. Remember, a complaining customer still wants things to be solved, else they wouldn't invest time in it. Your ratings are dropping and your offer is still absolute bullshit (€0.50 discount a year).
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