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    @KashishThank you very much for your response, I'll try to save a identity accordingly.
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    Problem is definately the zfs home volume. Successfully changed database location to a different directory on the boot ext4 partition.
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    Hi, thanks for the answer, ok i will study better how autofill works. I hope it will be seriously considered, so it would make enpass even higher. I will follow with great interest the evolution. Thanks
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    Strangely 15 mintues later touch ID started working with Enapss. So far so good.
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    FWIW, I just re-tested as promised. Unfortunately, I got a new work machine in the last six weeks (and no longer have the old one), so I can't test on the same hardware. I was previously able to reproduce it on my *home* machine, though, so I've re-tested there as well. Here's what I found: 1. No issues with current versions of Chrome (Version 80.0.3987.149), Chrome Beta (Version 81.0.4044.83), Chrome Dev (Version 83.0.4093.3), and Chrome Canary (Version 83.0.4097.0). on either machine. -- Most of these are clean installs, though, that don't get much usage, so they mostly don't have any extensions installed, etc. 2. Microsoft Edge Canary (83) still exhibits the problem on my *home* machine, but not on my work machine. (Beta & Stable channels worked fine in both places.) -- So the problem is obviously somewhat machine dependent. -- I tried disabling all the extensions I had installed, but it didn't help. (Mostly the same extensions installed at home & work, though, so that was a long-shot.) I'm not sure that helps anyone... but there it is.
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    Ok that worked although I also had to Reinstall (reset) the App on Windows otherwise the cloud login would never open in the browser Thanks
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    Root cause: automatic update on windows did not work. Version from Windows Appstore causes the problem. Solution: 1. create local Backup with Enpass 2. deinstall Enpass 3. download an install it from (https://dl.enpass.io/stable/windows/setup/ !!!! Do not use Microsoft APP Installation --> this version does not work properly !!!! 4. open backup with Enpass to restore your data 5. connect to your iCloud account 6. try to sync now with your iCloud account. If there appears a time stamp, everything works as it should.
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    @Magnesium Welcome to the forums! Sorry for a late response to your post! Meanwhile, we had this checked with our team. You can use Enpass Identities to save the info on the page http://www2.policiamilitar.sp.gov.br/ocorrenciaweb . The WebForm requires a username and a password field on the web page save the form data. Identities can be found as a template under adding a new item in Enpass.
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    Someone teach this guy text comprehension skills.
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    I would love to see another field, namely a checkbox field, so automatically letting Enpass check a checkbox when logging on. Or unchecking a checkbox, for instance, to disable an option like 'keep me logged on', as several websites automatically check such a checkbox, which I don't like, because for easily logging on I am using a password manager, so such a checkbox makes it less secure, even if it's my own, non-shared computer.
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    I second this request! I think more mature password managers tend to have this feature. Curiously, when I imported my passwords from 1Password, which supports this feature, a lot of checkmark unicode characters came through, but obviously aren't functional. Take a look at one of my logins:
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