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    There is an existing thread already on this topic and they have released an update two days back which has fixed the issue
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    Any chance of implementing a feature that allows searching within secure notes? I believe global search does search within notes, but as it doesn't highlight where within the note the search term was found, it's pretty useless with large notes...
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    I have to change the password of my ownlcoud every 3 month. This means i have to remove the whole sync account and add it again. Would it be possible to just ask the user to re-enter their passwords if the auth fails? Regards, Xarlatan
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    Enpass Support, can this issue be fixed ASAP? I would think this to be a High Priority issue and should have been resolved in few days, not in weeks. Thanks
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    I was told that the coming update will resolve the issue so I asked the support when the new update will be released. The answer was: "...update with the fixes will be available very soon" .... Hang in there folks...
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    I tried doing what others have said worked, without success. Specifically: 1) Removed iCloud Sync from a Macbook that was still syncing correctly 2) Made backup on Macbook that couldn't sync. 3) Used the "Erase Everything" option on the Macbook that couldn't sync 4) Removed Enpass application from "Applications" (and removing from Trash) 5) Went to App Store and re-downloaded Enpass 6) Imported Backup file 7) Waited a bit, then tried to turn on iCloud Sync Still sits on syncing for me on the Macbook that never worked.
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    INFO: I opened a ticket and was told that they are aware of this issue. Problem will be fixed with the next update.
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    Hi everyone, every time I start up Enpass I have to click on the TouchID-Button to unlock by fingerprint. Can you implement this in reversed order, i. e. when starting Enpass, the TouchID windows pops up directly? Only in case of need for masterkey the window for typing in the key should be activated manually. Cheers, Daniel
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    Hello, today I bought Cinema tickets online and received an email with the file pass1.pkpass. I did not know what this file is used for (I have an Android phone), so I searched in the web and found a good explanation at https://fileinfo.com/extension/pkpass: If that file can contain tickets, coupons, cards, etc. then it would be useful when Enpass could handle these files. in Enpass for Windows Enpass should import these files when I double click them (or select File -> Import) in Enpass for Android it should be possible to ope these files with Enpass Android So please handle .pkpass files. Best regards OLLI
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    Hey @OLLI_S, Thanks for your suggestion. I have noted it down and forwarded to the concerned desk for further consideration. Thanks!
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    Hi, Ok, This request has been raised many times by our users. It will be discussed in next meeting positively.
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