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  1. Thanks a lot @Gulshan Dogra!
  2. Thank you very much @Manish Chokwal for investigation.
  3. You are very welcome. Have a great day, too! And have a Merry Christmas the rest of this day.
  4. I'm using the Website version 6.7.4 (933) of Enpass on Windows 11. I created a new login on a website and added this entry into Enpass via Vivaldi browser extension 6.7.4. This time, the e-mail address and the password were automatically saved into the Enpass entry. Often I'm using the Enpass dock from the Systray to copy username and password into an app or a website. But if an e-mail address is included in the Enpass entry, it is not possible to copy the e-mail address when right-clicking on the entry in the Enpass dock. If I switch the e-mail address into a username in that entry, it is possible to copy the username and the password. Could you please add the possibility to be able to copy the e-mail address in the Enpass dock, too?
  5. I'm using Vivaldi browser with Enpass browser extension 6.7.4 on Windows 11. On some specific websites I don't want to use the autofill-popup and that's why I add them into the Blacklist of the browser extension. But the extension is not saving the complete website address. Here is my example to show you the behavior. I want to have the autofill-popup on this site: https://www.my-domain.de/acp/index.php But I don't want to get the autofill-popup here on this site: https://www.my-domain.de/acp/index.php?user-search/ When I try to add this site into the Blacklist of the extension, this specific website isn't blocked, as you can see on the screenshots. But the main website is blocked, but here I want to get the popup. It doesn't matter if I add the site manually or with a click in the autofill-popup. Could you please fix this? So that it's possible to add specific websites into the Blacklist?
  6. Hi @tantegerda! I did a little search and found some tutorials in German, but mostly there are a bit older. But here is a YouTube tutorial in German and I think it covers the most things. This should be a good start for you. If you need more help, just ask me and I will try to help. You could also send me a message, and we could write in German. Greetings from Berlin to Hamburg!
  7. Hi @vidario! I'm not able to reproduce this problem. I'm using the Windows version of Enpass and the iOS version. I'm syncing via WiFi-Sync from Windows 11 to all my other devices. I just added a number onto a working password in Windows app. Then I did not open Enpass app on iOS. I only opened the app, I changed the password for. When opening the autofill-popup there was the sync-icon in the top left corner indicating the sync process as you can see in the screenshot below. Then the new password was used which was wrong now because of the added number in the Windows app. Did I miss something?
  8. Hi @vidario! As a temporary workaround, you could uninstall version 8 of 1Password, install version 7 and export all of your entries into a 1PIF-file/folder. Importing into Enpass should work fine here, as I did by myself. There were only some optical things I had to change in my imported Enpass entries.
  9. DenalB

    issues on iOS

    Sounds great. I'm looking forward to this improvement.
  10. This works for me like a charm on my own device and the one from my wife.
  11. Hey @Gulshan Dogra, Thanks for your help. Here are answers to your questions. Windows 11 Pro 21H2 Build 22000.348 I'm using Website version 6.7.4 (933) of Enpass. Yes. There is the same issue in Vivaldi browser 5.0.2497.28 (Stable channel) (64-Bit) and Microsoft Edge browser 96.0.1054.53 (Official Build) (64-Bit). I think it doesn't depend on the browser. On any Webpage. It doesn't matter. You only have to disable the Enpass setting "Use Website Icons" and manually select icons for your entries. These are the first 10 Website entries in my Enpass vault. I chose own icons here. https://abload.de https://www.acdsee.com https://www.acronis.com https://www.activision.com https://www.adac.de https://www.adobe.com https://forum.affinity.serif.com https://affinity.serif.com/de/store/ https://www.alcohol-soft.com https://www.aldifotos.de If you try to select your credentials with the help of the infield autofill, you'll never see your own chosen icons. As you can see compared to the screenshot from my vault, none of these icons are my chosen ones. Only your default icons are shown, which your devs had set for some specific Websites like "Acronis", "ADAC" or "Adobe". I hope I could help here.
  12. Thanks for the detailed explanation of such a recovery process. This sounds helpful!
  13. DenalB

    How to sort list?

    Thanks @Abhishek Dewan, Sounds great!
  14. Should be nearly the same question I have...
  15. DenalB

    How to sort list?

    It looks like that there is no possibility to sort entries in the iOS app. I'm not able to find a setting for sorting...
  16. This is a great feature request. Actually, you have to click on the entry in the Dock, then click on the "i" to expand that entry and here you are able to copy username, password and other things. Maybe you could also think about being able to drag & drop username, password... into the fields of a website or an app from the Dock. I'm using 1Password for a long time now and this is a real good feature the have.
  17. This is the website where I need this feature, and it would be awesome, if you could hard-code this in here too. https://login.mailbox.org/de And for the English-speaking folks, this is the link: https://login.mailbox.org/en Thanks in advance!
  18. I'm using Vivaldi browser 5.0.2497.28 (Stable channel) (64-Bit) and Enpass extension 6.7.4. The new inline autofill feature is great, but it seems that own website icons are ignored there. I disabled the download of website icons, so there are only default icons for websites. I collected some icons and put them into the login entries. As an example, these website icons are shown in Enpass and in the Enpass-Dock. But in the inline autofill popup still the default icons are shown. Is this a known bug? It would be great if you would fix it.
  19. Actually, everything is working fine so far. My Windows 11 Desktop acts as the Wi-Fi Sync server and my iPhones are connected via Wi-Fi Sync. That means that my vault is on all devices. What if my Desktop gets broken, and I don't have access to it and to the Wi-Fi Server and the vault? Is there any chance to get my vault from my iPhone to a fresh Windows 11 installation, so that the new Desktop could act as the Wi-Fi Sync server and holds the "old" vault again? I just tried to create a new vault on my Windows 11 Desktop and tried to recover the vault via Wi-Fi, but there was no Wi-Fi Sync server found. Do I have to use a local backup in that case? If yes, this means I have to back up the local backups away from the Windows 11 Desktop, right?
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