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  1. Darn. It's happened again. My fourth or fifth time!
  2. I reset, per the instruction above. Immediately happened again. I got these error messages 1207978. I hope that helps.
  3. Dern. I've got it again for the third time! I'm on 6.4.3 (666)....
  4. Darn. Now I have it and I use Enpass daily. I will go through the steps. But I have to say, this is a little unsettling that this problem continues
  5. Help me out here. I'm confused by your (to me) confusing naming conventions. On you download webpage you have, from memory, Windows 10, and Traditional Win32 app, and maybe in other places, you refer to "Desktop" veraion. So I'm confused, which is which I recommend you clean that up your naming conventions. Or maybe I'm misunderstanding something. Anyway, what app are you referring to? And, I'm curious, why do you have multiple versions instead of just one for Windows? And what are the differences? Thanks in advance.
  6. Same here. FT.com The Financial Times webpage. Enpass won't put in my email address. I've previously reported this to your team. They said they had duplicated the problem. They said they would like it. But no word yet. It's been a while...
  7. Which should I pick Enpass desktop or Microsoft store?
  8. Which should I pick Enpass desktop or Microsoft store?
  9. I've got the same problem. What is behind this? Scary. @Kashish What do you think of @Rojma solution?
  10. Greetings, Loving the new Enpass 6... and... 1) Is Enpass 6.0.1 (239) a beta or "production" version? 2) A bug in version 6.0.1 (239) which loaded today from Microsoft Store. Graphics / text is askew. See screen shots. I'm on a Surface Go, Windows 10 1809.
  11. @rowankaag Smooth sailing for my install on Android and Windows 10 1809 (Enpass Store version). Plus all my problems with the beta are solved and the app is working great. I'm grateful for your efforts. (I'll mention, FYI, I could not get my premium account thingy to roll forward. But I don't care, I was pleased to pay the discounted $6 bucks, and get premium "again".) Possible tiny feature request: On Enpass Windows 10 Store app, when I open the app (either from "Hello" or clicking on the task bar icon), can I set it to open in full screen? (instead of the small popup above the task bar). If yes, where do I set that? If no, consider adding it. Thanks, Good work gents. And to those with problems, I hope things settle down for you. Eric
  12. I had already installed Skype 6 Beta for Android Seemed to work fine. Wanted to update my Surface Go (running Windows 10 1909) to Enpass Beta 6 so the databases synced. With the update on 23 December, I decided to give it a try. Preface: I think you guys know what you are doing. I really do. And for sure, I'm grateful for you efforts, but more importantly, the results of your efforts. I offer this as an insight for future consideration. It's entirely possible "I don't get it." But I do plenty of beta testing too. And, after I post this, I'll re-read this thread to see where I can find solutions to these problems. Why not do that first? Just help you understand a new guys experience. Fair? [Indents are messed up below. Copy and paste from Word did not go well. Bare with me here] This is what it was like for me. · I needed to guess which version to get: o “Enpass Beta Windows 10 (Store Version),”, (aka “Windows 10 Store, Desktop App and Edge extension” or “Enpass 6 beta for Windows is now available on Store”, etc. etc). Confusing. o “Enpass for Traditional Windows” (akaTraditional Win32, “Desktop”, "stand alone app," etc., etc.) Confusing. o It would helpful if you could say why to choose one over the other (As best I can figure, your pages are silent on this choice). o Please settle on one name for each version. Multiple names gets confusing. · Tried to get Enpass from the Store (it never worked) o This packageflight thing is confusing. I went to https://www.enpass.io/beta-program/ It’s important, I’m sure. But that page doesn’t say much about “packageflight.” If I were you, next time I’d just call it the beta signup form, skip any reference to “packageflight” as it makes no difference to the end user. o Anyway, I filled out that page from your links on your announcement o I gather the Enpass 6 Beta is distributed via the Microsoft Store, right? o But I’ve never received the beta, not yet anyway. o So this was a dead end. How do I fix this? · So I “moved on” and got Enpass for Traditional Windows (whatever that means….) by using your link to download it o It downed and installed just fine. Version 6.0.0 (228) o It did not wipe out nor install over my prior version of Enpass 5; it’s still there o It seemed to say that the linking/syncing to OneDrive had a problem (two confusing messages popped up…. o ….. but I tested it and it synced with my Android Enpass 6, just fine. o It seems to imply I need to buy a premium, but I already have a premium account (I’ve seen others post about this problem. So, I’ll wait. Fix it.) o Hello doesn’t work o Edge Extension doesn’t work. § As mentioned above, I filled out the so-called “packageflight” form that appears from you link. · How is this supposed to work? · I wait until Microsoft Store gets the “packageflight” form and updates me? o How do I delete Enpass 5, without messing something up? · In addition to questions above and to summarize: o If I have installed Enpass 6 for Traditional Windows on my Surface Go, does that in anyway prevent me from getting Enpass 6 for Windows 10 from the Store on the same device? o How do I gracefully uninstall Enpass . o Again, I’m not getting Edge Extension. Confused on how this works. o Fix this (duplicate) Premium signup requirement. I’m already Premium, or believe I am. § I gather this will bring me Hello, right? o Explain somewhere clearly which version to download Store or Traditional o Be clear, consistent, and simple on your version naming conventions. Remember, though you guys use these terms interchangeable all the time, it’s confusing for me and others.
  13. Since the original release of this beta on Nov 27, have you released any updates? If yes, what's the current version and how do I get it? If not, you'll announce future release updates, right?
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