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  1. I am with you 100% - Enpass in version 5.x with many missing things was SO GREAT! I implemented on many of my devices, "sold" to my friends and family. Now, with version 6.x it has more bugs (or bugs-like issues) that I seriously regret it. But again: lack of easy export is the thing... Guys - devs - here are missing simple idea of KISS.
  2. yeah, stupid me, I though all keyboards are the same - sorry
  3. how did you set up #? on laptop, without external keyboard you cannot use shift so without it that is 3 and it works with 3 try i.e. /. it works as well
  4. hi devs, Limiting to 1 vault per cloud provider is probably not the best idea, yet very easy to solve. Could you please let us know if this is going to change any time soon?
  5. I am not sure if you opened it even if you don't know - see below opened encase app on MacOS - second icon from the right:
  6. no, this is NOT extension it is encase from the top bar of MacOS - not from browser - all my browsers are closed
  7. Bitwarden self hosting - not easy for average user at all
  8. on MacOS you can generate password without storing it - second icon from bottom
  9. there is a lot of solutions better or worse than Enpass do they however offer you iCloud, Google, WebDav, offline? or only hosted by the software authors?
  10. zyghom

    dual boot

    use cloud synch: google, OneDrive etc.
  11. Enpass - unlike other password managers - is offering really great ways of using cloud including iCloud, webdav, OneDrive, google - in the worst case scenario you can use any of them if folder sharing is not there, provided your instances have access to internet
  12. make on one of the instances webdav and using IP set up as cloud same for others AFAIK you need to use cloud in any way - not just folder sharing - this can be confirmed by devs (if they look into the forum still)
  13. I answered on the other post as well ;-)
  14. but what exactly is your issue? you don't know how to synchronise using cloud provider or what? without a cloud it will be difficult to synchronise - you have quite number of options: google, Microsoft, webdav etc. describe what exactly your problem is so we shall help you
  15. I am wondering if "all platforms" means also non-Apple ones (Linux, Android, Win) because if so how do you even connect non-Apple version with iCloud?
  16. +1 and btw why no export in CSV in ver 6? I start believing Enpass devs are doing some things on purpose without considering seriously Customers i.e.: no csv export in 6.x, no backward compatibility i.e. export from v6 into v5 format etc - that is really needed for people who for any reason don't want to buy v6 as they paid for v5 and they can stay with the features that are only in v5 yet they were FORCED to move to v6 by unavoidable self-update of the apps in the stores (what broke the v5 compatibility)
  17. this cannot be Enpass issue as mine is working fine and has always been, OneDrive works for me on all: Android, iOS, MacOS - only windows I did not test as I don't have hint: adblocker in browser?
  18. as far as I explored Bitwarden: that one is really ONE MAN show - 8 bit company is 1 person only at least here in Enpass we see (saw) few guys from the devs team and frankly: if I was a dev I would have hired 1 person to answer all forum messages - PR like - devs job is to write software not answers to users questions, right? ;-)
  19. @xarlatan you lost me completely: which one is suspicious for you: Bitwarden or Enpass?
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